Woman Comes Up With 72-Hour Rule That ‘Solves All Arguments’

We all know what it’s like to fight with your partner for trivial things, only to later realize it wasn’t worth it at all. 

Well, someone has recently come up with a potential solution for this problem.

A woman named Lottie Handerson has shared some precious relationship advice on TikTok that could help us all to avoid similar situations in the future. She calls it the ’72-hour-rule’.

According to Lottie, it is crucial to take a little break when things get out of hand, in order to stop yourself from saying something you might regret later.

If it doesn’t matter in 72 hours’ time, it probably isn’t worth stressing over.

Lottie goes on to explain:

“If it doesn’t matter after 72 hours, it never did.

“If you don’t feel the need to react after 72 hours, don’t.

“And if somebody knows you’re hurting and hasn’t been in contact for 72 hours, they don’t care.”

Image credit: Lottie Handerson/TikTok

Lottie’s advice has touched many of her followers and many of them said they were going to try and follow it.

One commenter wrote:

“Damn, this actually really helps. Thank you.”

Another said:

“Never thought of it like that, thank you”

A third added:

“Love it, new one for me.”

Others jokingly said that 72 was way too long and that they don’t have such patience.

One person commented:

“I have this too but 72 seconds.”

Another added:

“You’re generous, mine is 48 hours. This rule is gold, use it, people.”

Check out Lottie’s video by clicking below.


The 72 hour rule I live by. #FYP #lifeadvice #datingadvice #relationshipadvice #foryoupage

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