Woman Claims She’s Married To Michael Jackson’s Ghost And That He’s “Possessed” In Her

A woman claims to have an intense relationship with the spirit of Michael Jackson. 

Kathleen Roberts, who describes herself as a clairvoyant, says that she is married to the ghost of the King of Pop, and her other claims are just more than bizarre…

Roberts made a web post in which she wrote about being “possessed” by the spirit of MJ, who passed away back in 2009.

Image: Kathleen Roberts/Instagram

She says that she and the spirit live as one, with the pop icon even keeping her company in the bathroom. 

“He stays possessed in me (relaxed not channeling and just enjoying living through me and communicating with me as a husband),” she wrote.

According to the New York Post, Roberts previously said in a series of now-removed TikTok clips that Michael Jackson’s spirit even asked for her hand in marriage with a “pink engagement ring”.

Image: Kathleen Roberts/Instagram

She said she was even able to convince the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. to officiate the wedding while she was “getting out of a bathtub”.

“He likes to eat in me. He loves cookies. He cusses a lot more than I’d expect him to as a former fan,” the clairvoyant wrote in her blog post, before adding that their relationship was not sexual and that MJ “scares me with spider visions and dead corpse visions if I kiss him or try to initiate romance physically”.

“His family know about me and this happening, as I contacted them and let them know, not leaving them out of this at all,” she wrote, adding, “I feel special that he chose me for a wife (though not on paper) we treat our relationship as though we are married. we have our ups and downs but Michael, the truth is, I just can’t stop loving you.”

According to the New York Post, Roberts also believes that she is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe…

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