Woman claims doctors charged her extra for crying during surgery

A woman sparks debate over the American healthcare system after claiming she has been charged for crying during surgery. 

A woman, known by her Twitter followers as Midge, has recently posted a picture of an invoice following a mole removal. Apart from the $223 she had to pay for the simple procedure, Midge was also charged $11 for what’s described as “Brief Emotion.” 

As Unilad remarks, in a follow-up tweet, Midge jokingly added: “I didn’t even get a damn sticker.”

Shocked by the receipt, a commenter noted: “This accurately describes the American healthcare system.”

One person said:

“I can’t tell if this is amazing satire or another example of ridiculous medical billing shenanigans.”

Another tried to look on the bright side, saying: “At least there was a discount 😳

A third questioned whether Midge’s healthcare covers feelings, to which she replied: “Not fully apparently.”

Others have shared their own bitter experience with U.S. healthcare, with one claiming he was charged for receiving assistance after suffering a seizure, and another who had to pay for extra anesthesia after they woke up in the middle of a wisdom tooth extraction.

What are your thoughts on the “Brief Emotion” bill and the American healthcare system in general? Let us know in the comment section!  

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