Woman Chases Labrador For 15 Minutes After He Refuses To Give Up Sex Toy

An ashamed dog walker found herself running after a Labrador in a park for 15 minutes when the naughty furball refused to let go of a sex toy he had just found. 

Klara Robinson, 33, was having a walk with one-year-old Charlie last week when she sent a photo of him with a stick he had just found to show his owner how good of a time he was having. Until it happened…

Shortly after, she was shocked to realize the ‘stick’ was actually a large dildo – which she had now irreversibly showed off to Charlie’s family.

Klara spent the following 15 minutes running after Charlie around the park in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, trying to take the gross toy away from him as it “bounced everywhere”.

And when she repeatedly tried to kick the nasty object out of Charlie’s reach, he kept on chasing it and picking it up again. To make things even grosser, another dog joined in to try and steal the dildo.

Image credit: Kennedy News and Media

Finally, Klara was able to distract Charlie long enough to hide the sex toy in a ditch.

Image credit: Kennedy News and Media

A picture of Charlie looking happy with his find has so far drawn in over 2000 likes and comments.

Klara said:

“He ran down a hill and at the time I didn’t realise but he came back up with it [the sex toy] in his mouth.

“From a distance it just looked like a stick and the owner had just messaged me to see how he was so I sent that picture – then two minutes later realised what it was.

“I sent him the close-up picture saying ‘you’ll never guess what he’s just found – dying here’. He just laughed it off – Charlie is such a character and has a lot of energy – the fact that he found it made it even funnier because it’s just something he would do, it’s Charlie all over.

“He was dead chuffed with himself – I think he thought somebody had lost their dog toy and he’d found it – he thought it was fantastic and to my horror was chomping away on it.”

Image credit: Kennedy News and Media

Klara spent 15 minutes running around like crazy to get the object away from happy Charlie, who taught it was all just part of a fun game. 

Klara said:

“Straight away I was like ‘oh my god, Charlie, put that down, please put that down’ – which made him want to play with it even more.

“He just thought it was a toy – another dog was trying to take it off him and every time he dropped it I tried to kick it away and he’d just chase after it. It was bouncing everywhere – eventually I managed to distract him enough to get him away from it.

“There’s a bit of a drop and I tried to kick it near there and it bounced into a ditch, then I was like ‘Charlie come on, let’s go’. I found it funny but I think I would have been mortified if I’d bumped into somebody.

“My friends thought it was hilarious and were laughing their heads off – we had many jokes about it, I don’t think I’ll ever live it down.”

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