Woman buys $500 worth of chicken rice from struggling hawker, donates the food to nursing home

This woman bought 140 packs of chicken rice from an Amoy Street Food Centre to help out a struggling hawker. 


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On July 3, a woman purchased $500 worth of chicken rice from an Amoy Street hawker struggling with slow sales due to the coronavirus pandemic. As per Mothership, the 140 packs of food were donated to the Society for the Aged Sick (SAS), a not-for-profit nursing home.

The charitable initiative was supported by Kea Cakes, a home bakery business run by the woman who went down to purchase the chicken rice. In an emotional Facebook post, they wrote:

“We came across Xiang Xiang Hainanese chicken rice at Amoy street.

During the busy lunch crowd where other stalls had snaking long queues, Xiang Xiang was quiet and the owner Madam Tuan was having her own lunch, but immediately jumped up to serve us when we came by.

We were touched by madam Tuan’s story: She is 82 years old, a street hawker since her early 20s, and in Amoy street food center for 30 years. She used to sell about 100 plates of chicken rice a day, but because of covid, she only sold 40 plates a day, and even have to give her leftover chicken away if she’s unable to sell them.”


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They continue explaining that Madam Tuan works every single day of the year from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Stirred by her life story, the owner of Kea Cakes knew she had to do something to help her out.

This was not the first time the company’s owner did charity work through her business.

She was already involved with an initiative, in which for every cheesecake purchase, she donated a meal for the elderly.


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The team delivered the food to the not-for-profit nursing home themselves. Although they couldn’t visit the residents due to Covid-19 restrictions, they gave the 140 packs of chicken rice to the kitchen staff.

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