Woman brings 23 family members on blind date to see if potential boyfriend is generous enough

A Chinese woman decided to bring her whole family of 23 members to her blind date to see if her candidate is eligible. 

First dates, especially blind ones, are always a thrill. However, this one turned into a highly unexpected family gathering.

Xiao Liu, 29, from Zhejiang, was about to have a blind date with a woman in China’s Zheijiang Province, UNILAD reveals. However, the poor man had no idea he is going on a date with not one but 24 individuals in total. Apparently, Liu’s companion decided to invite her entire family of 23 people, who were there to find out whether he is generous or not.

The massive group made a 20,000¥ (£2,284) bill, only to see if Liu is a propper candidate for their girl and will be a good addition to their family.

When the unfortunate bachelor found out he would be expected to pay the jaw-dropping bill, he was beyond shook. 

Despite the pressure Liu was put through by his date’s family, he was quick to save himself from the bitter situation. As local media Taizhou Evening News reports, the man left the ridiculous bill for his unpleasant companions.

Later on, Liu and the woman he was supposed to have a private date with negotiated over the bill and decided that he would pay only a fourth of it, while the lady’s family will cover the rest.

Commenting on the bizarre situation, some social media users claimed he should have pay for everything, despite the fact he was not aware he would be meeting 24 people. On the contrary, others defend Liu, arguing that the woman was not genuine with him, so he was not obligated to spend so much on their date.

Understandably, Xiao Liu did not pass the preposterous generosity test, but at least he saved quite the amount of cash.

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