Woman Arrested For Shooting Olympic Torch With Water Gun

Tokyo, Japan: Authorities have arrested a woman who tried to extinguish the Olympic fire torch with a water gun.

The incident happened last Sunday and was captured on video. It shows a 53-year-old woman firing a water gun at the Olympic torch as it was being carried by a 77-year-old runner.

The woman, whose name was revealed as Kayoko Takahashi, can be seen drawing her pistol-style water gun and splashing liquid at the unsuspecting torch carrier.

“No Olympics! Stop the Games!” she shouts at him in Japanese, before she is stopped by security.

Thankfully, the woman wasn’t able to kill the flame, which has an internal fuel source.

She was arrested at the scene on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business, Mito Police stated.

Takahashi was charged because she was “deliberately aiming at the runner and interfering with the relay,” Mito deputy police chief Noriaki Nagatsuka told Vice.

“You can’t shoot water at people for no good reason,” the chief said. “She clearly wasn’t playing around. This isn’t child’s play.”

According to authorities, the woman said she did it as an act of protest.

The torch carrier was able to the finish line for the day’s relay.

The incident did not cause any delays in the ceremony, according to Mainichi, a Japanese media outlet.

Check out the video of the woman shooting the Olympic torch with a water gun below.

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