Woman approaches stranger, hugs him, and whispers “please act like you know me”

“Act like you know me” A woman approached a stranger, hugged him tightly, and asked him to act as if he knew her, so she could escape the men who were following her. 

As a woman noticed three men were following her in New York in the middle of the night, she had no other choice but to seek a stranger’s help. That’s when she approached the hero of our story, who kindly walked her home, helping her avoid what would have been a harrowing encounter with the two suspicious men.

According to Newsner, the woman gave the stranger a tight hug and whispered:

“Please act like you know me. Three guys have been following me for a while.”

Dane Weeks, the person who saved the woman from the questionable men, admits he initially hesitated. In a Twitter thread, he said:

“I’m not going to act like I didn’t hesitate because we’re in New York, people set you up real quick. Her hug was too real to be fake, and three men were following behind at a distance. As [we] walked and talked I realized she was terrified, she kept saying I have to get home to her son.”

Moments before approaching Dane, the woman went inside a shop to try and lose the men, but they were waiting outside. 

The warmhearted man explained:

“Apparently the 3 males were looking at her on the train. When she got off, they got off. They followed her 2 blocks, she then went into a store for a few minutes. She hoped they would leave. She did notice they left, as she exited she realized they were standing in the pizza shop.”

Fortunately, the scary men stopped following the woman after they saw her hugging Dane. She was even more pleased when she found out he was an experienced counselor specialized in sexual abuse.

The following day she told her savior, who was feeling down because “what if I didn’t take that route”:

“There’s no what ifs… please accept being my hero that night, I really thought my son would’ve been motherless & my mother daughterless.”

The empathetic man vowed:

“This is sad, women and girls have to live in this type of fear because us men have created an environment of toxicity. I will do better.”

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