Woman, 70, arrested for trying to poison husband by putting Boric Acid in his coffee – wanted to teach him a lesson

Queens wife, 70, was arrested for allegedly trying to poison her husband with boric acid. 

  • A 70-year-old wife was arrested for trying to poison her husband by lacing his coffee with boric acid. 
  • The man caught his woman putting the acid in his drink through a small camera he installed after suspecting she was trying to intoxicate him with her meals.
  • The woman was released, but she can’t go anywhere near her husband. 

Suncha Tinevra, 70, of Queens, New York, was caught lacing her man’s coffee with a chemical used to kill cockroaches.

In September 2020, Robert Baron, 63, Tinvera’s husband, noticed that his wife’s meals tasted funny, Oddity Central reveals. After eating, Robert would often feel sick, or he would fall asleep for 15 hours straight.

The wise man decided to check what was going on, so he installed a small surveillance camera in the kitchen. Tinevra, unaware of the camera, dumped a weird powder in her man’s coffee, clearly trying to poison him.

When Robert saw the footage of his wife lacing his drink, he immediately called the police. Not long after, the elderly woman was arrested. What’s more, the cops took the coffee pot and coffee from the couple’s home for further investigation.

The tests revealed that Tinevra was sipping boric acid in her husband’s beverage. This type of chemical is widely applicable in various fields, often used as a cockroach killer.

As per the New York Post, when police questioned the 70-year-old, she said:

“I’ve done this two or three times, I don’t remember when, just when I’m angry. I just wanted to teach him a lesson.”

Despite being released from jail without bail, Suncha Tinevra was restricted by the authorities to go anywhere near her husband.

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