Woman, 32, desperate to track down her estranged father as she needs life-saving bone marrow transplant

A woman is searching for her estranged father as she needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Sarah Langdale, 32, a barber from Warwickshire, UK, suffers from severe aplastic anemia (SAA). As a result of her condition, her bone marrow and stem cells do not produce enough blood cells.

Although she used to control her state with medications, in 2019, her condition severely worsened. As per Daily Mail, it has been deteriorating since.

Credits: Sarah Langdale / SWNS

At present, Sarah needs blood and platelet transfusions every 28 days. According to her doctors, she must receive a bone marrow transplant before her health bears more damage.

Unfortunately, none of her family members are suitable for the operation. Her only hope is to track down her biological father, whom she has never seen in person. In case she has any half-siblings, they could be fit to donate marrow and save her life.

However, the only detail she knows about her estranged father is that he lived near her childhood home in Northampton when she was born. Her mother, Lorraine, has no clue what his name was, making Sarah’s task incredibly challenging.

Pictured: Sarah and her mother Lorraine | Credits: Sarah Langdale / SWNS

The 32-year-old hairdresser explained:

“It’s quite something searching for your dad, and very emotional when doing so could save your life. It’s very difficult and overwhelming.”

She added:

“I’ll die without the transplant, but I know virtually nothing about my dad, and I’m relying on someone seeing my story and coming forward with information. I can only live in hope.”

Sarah was diagnosed with SAA when she was just two years old. 

Although she has been living with the condition all her life, it severely worsened in the last two years. If she takes the slightest knock, her bruises turn black. If she cuts herself, the bleeding doesn’t stop. The same happens while she is on her period. That is why she receives three units of blood every 28 days and takes special medicines to stop the bleeding.

Along with her anemia, Sarah also struggles with extreme fatigue and palpitations. The medications she needs to take often give her headaches, sickness, depress her immune system, and affect her liver and kidneys.

Credits: Sarah Langdale / SWNS

If her biological father does not come forward, she will require new medication which could damage her liver. And if these drugs don’s work, she would have to accept bone marrow from her mother or a sibling, who are only a 50% match. This last resort solution will dramatically decrease her chance of survival.

Sarah commented:

“The transplant wouldn’t just save my life, it would give me normal energy levels. I don’t know what that feels like. I’m young and I just want to go out and live my life, but I can’t. It’s really tough.”

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