Woman, 22, spends thousands on lip injections aspiring to have the world’s biggest lips

A real-life Barbie has just undergone her 20th lip injection in an attempt to have the biggest lips in the world.

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Another woman has turned herself into a real-life doll, spending thousands of dollars on aesthetic procedures. Andrea Emilova Ivanova, from Sofia, Bulgaria, has quadrupled the size of her lips and insists on continuing until she becomes the woman with the world’s biggest lips.

The 22-year-old philosophy student underwent her latest lip injection last week. Andrea shares shocking photos on her Instagram account, showing off her ever-growing pout.

For every treatment, the Bulgarian Barbie spends around $170. She began her transformation two years ago, but she admits she has lost count of how much she has spent over the years.

Even though she faces tons of criticism, Andrea shares she loves the way her lips look. She is also determined to continue undergoing more filler procedures until she is completely satisfied with the size of her lips.

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According to Mail Online, Ivanova said:

“I like my new lips a lot, it was hard to eat after the injection, and two to three days after the procedure gets more difficult. I feel great to have even more but some doctors think it’s enough, though I still want them bigger. My doctor said he will do more injections for me but said I have to wait for at least two months.”

What’s more, she is not afraid to speak her mind, when she says: “I think my lips are lovely, I love them.”

In 2019, Andrea had tripled the size of her pout, in an attempt to be ‘more fashionable’. At the time, she shared she had visited almost every clinic for aesthetic procedures in Sofia, puttingΒ ‘almost all kinds of lips fillers’.

While her looks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the real-life doll receives dozens of compliments from adoring fans. Some of them even proposed to her online. As for the ones who disapprove of her transformation, she says:

“I have both positive and negative comments, but women write most of the negative comments.”

Andrea believes that even though many people find her distasteful, what matters to her is that she loves the way she looks.

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She continues:

“I can’t give any indication of how big is too big, or can lips be too big, because for each person, “big”, “bigger” and “too big” are different concepts. I’m broadminded and I think people should be free to choose, which one is for them big, bigger or too big. There are no boundaries for me.”

The 22-year-old student believes she is unique, and she doesn’t copy any celebrity when it comes to her aesthetic transformation. However, she admits that having big lips is quite fashionable where she lives, as many girls are including lip fillers to their beauty routines.

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