Widow stuck in her home with her husband’s corpse for two days after they were quarantined over his coronavirus diagnosis in Italy

A woman in Borghetto Santo Spirito, Italy’s Savona province, has been trapped in her apartment with the dead body of her husband for two days as a result of the strict quarantine regime that has been crippling the country due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The woman is not permitted to exit the apartment or provide a burial service for her husband, who died of Covid-19 on Monday night, March 9.

“The man, who had tested positive for the deadly virus, died on Monday night,” CNN quoted Giancarlo Canepa, mayor of Borghetto Santo Spirito as stating. He continued, “Yes, it is true she is still there with the body and we won’t be able to remove it until Wednesday morning.”

The touching of his body is forbidden due to the risk of infection. Canepa revealed that the man denied being taken to a local hospital for treatment. The story came to the surface when reports about a lady stuck with the dead body of her husband inside an apartment started circulating the region.

Local TV station IVG.IT shared interviews with the woman’s neighbors who had just found out about her husband’s passing. As per CNN, his family is desperate to take hold of his body while his grieving widow has been crying and screaming for help from the balcony of the apartment.

Italy has been put under a total lockdown after cases of Covid-19 rose drastically in the country.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the restrictions across the country, which were earlier only set for northern Italy. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control revealed that the virus has now reached every country in Europe.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the coronavirus is part of the family of zoonotic viruses that spread from animals to humans.

Image source: ECDC

The symptoms include running cold, sneezes, and dry cough, and in more extreme cases shortness of breath, respiratory issues, kidney failure and/or death.

The killer virus which was born in Wuhan, China, has affected more than 105 countries and has infected over 118,000 citizens worldwide with more than 4,200 deaths.

To keep yourself updated on the Coronavirus situation around the globe, click HERE.

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