Why Toxic People Will Never Admit They’re Wrong

A toxic person might apologize to you, but their apology will always be fake.

They only ever apologize to manipulate you into giving them something they’re after or to fool you into forgiving them for their wrongdoings.

And they will never apologize and leave it at that. There’ll always be something to add; like an excuse that they only did what they did because of their ex, their family, or even you.

They will always look for a way to blame another person for their mistakes because they are too cowardly to take ownership of their own actions and they will even try to convince themselves that they couldn’t possibly be wrong. Such people always see themselves as the victims, never to be blamed, even though they know that they are rotten deep down. They just never own up to their wrongdoings.

Needless to say, you will never receive an honest apology from them.

If they apologize for being unfaithful to you they won’t hesitate to say that it would never have happened if you didn’t make them feel a certain way, or that they were drunk and didn’t know what they were doing.

And if you have the strength to stand and confront them, they are going to twist the truth and can even turn to aggression. They will come up with all kinds of untruths to make you feel at fault. They will say that you aren’t perfect either and they never held you accountable for your mistakes. They will try to gaslight you even though they are perfectly aware that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Toxic individuals never own up to their mistakes.

They never take the time to look inside themselves and come to the understanding that they are the ones in need of changing. Regardless of how you try to help them and how much you care for them, you’re never going to be able to make them see this truth. And they will resort to every dirty trick they have at their disposal to make you feel bad about even questioning them in the first place.

You can get angry at them all you want, or calmly talk to them about the issues at hand – nothing will make them change their ways.

They have been practicing the art of distorting reality their whole lives and they are masters at creating their own truths. They get as many people to believe their “truth” as possible so in the end, you are the one who comes out looking bad.

When you find yourself in an argument with a toxic person, the best thing you can do is just leave, because you will never be able to reach common ground with them. They will refuse to put themselves in your shoes and you’re never going to get them to admit their wrongdoings. Yes, toxic people are that selfish.

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