Why Mother Who Watched On As Her Baby Girl Was Tortured To Death Will Walk From Prison

An Australian mom who watched her enraged boyfriend whip and murder her two-year-old baby girl is to be released from prison in a matter of weeks, according to reports.

Donna Deaves was convicted of manslaughter for doing nothing as 30-year-old James Ross beat Tanilla Warrick-Deaves until she drew her last breath back in 2011.

Tanilla was left to die over two days in a pram with serious head injuries at her home in New South Wales.

It was later revealed that authorities received more than 30 reports expressing concern over the baby’s safety before she died.

The mother received a 12-year prison sentence without the right for parole for 9 years. Her boyfriend received 40 years for murder. 

Deaves is now set for release on October 17 with those in charge of parole accepting there is expert help available for her outside of jail, according to Nine News.

During the killer’s trial, the court heard Deaves stood by and watched while he whipped and tortured the baby and that Ross would tell Deaves he could make the baby scream.

Justice Stephen Rothman said Ross was angry about Tanilla not being taught to use the toilet and would punish her by pouring cold water on her and telling her:

“You don’t s*** in my house – you are an animal.”

In addition, he smashed her head against the shower screen, made her run around the living room, and kicked her on the ground, causing her to hit her head on a cupboard.

After she was beaten up, the two left the baby unconscious in a pram, covered by a blanket, for a couple of days before she passed away due to her injuries.

Sally Dowling SC, the Crown prosecutor, notified the court about the horrific things Tanilla endured before she died.

The baby’s stepmother, Brooke Bowen, previously told the news show ‘A Current Affair’ that the mother should never be given parole.

“She don’t deserve to get out,” she said. “Tanilla is never coming home, ever, why should she get to come home?” She was just so tiny and full of life.

“What she would have went through those last couple of days of her life hoping that her mum would save her or someone would come along and save her, but they didn’t.”

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