Why do you feel uplifted around certain people explained

Are there people in your life who always make you feel better, happier, and uplifted?

Do your vibes perfectly match with theirs? Do they somehow make you want to be more genuine and selfless?

The magic of getting along with someone so well, and being inspired by them, it’s almost unbelievable, has its psychological explanation.

Maybe it happened with a stranger at a party, or with a co-worker of yours. This person was so kindhearted and altruistic they made you fall in love with their vibrant energy. The moment you met, you just felt like you’re on the same wavelength.

Experts have found that being in the company of such an unselfish, giving person can have a profound effect on us. 

As per Psychology Today, in a 2003 study, the American social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has revealed that when we witness genuine acts of kindness, we respond with elevation. Our response comes in the form of a warm feeling, combined with a deep sense of inspiration. This makes us subconsciously want to be less selfish and more kindhearted ourselves.

Moreover, 2010 studies by Michelangelo Vianello and his colleagues have proved that when leaders are being altruistically devoted to their ideals, they transform their whole cultural atmosphere. Their fairness and humanity are deeply affecting the people in their orbit. Therefore, the leader’s followers respond with greater enthusiasm, participation, and authenticity. This proves that it only takes one altruistic person to make a powerful positive difference.

What’s even more impressive is that such benevolent, kind human beings can also affect us physically. Their positive impact can strengthen our immune system. This discovery was made by the Harvard psychologist David McClelland. He found that witnessing humanity can affect us both mentally, and physically. In an experiment, he gathered people who merely watched a documentary on Mother Teresa. The film not only raised the level of trust among participants, but it also raised their levels of salivary immunoglobin A, the body’s first defense against respiratory tract infections.

The experience of meeting someone so compassionate and establishing a mental connection with them is truly one-of-a-kind.

So, next time when you feel better and uplifted around certain people, try to observe their behavior.

Find out what is it about them that inspires you and boosts your feeling of happiness.

And when you do that, make sure to pass this tremendously positive energy to someone else as well. We need more selfless, genuine, warmhearted people in this world.

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