Why Being The Black Sheep of The Family Is a Blessing, Not a Curse

When a person says their family has a black sheep, most of us imagine someone who always gets into trouble, has a bad temper, and is weird all- around. 

But actually, more often than you may think, that’s not the case, and those people don’t deserve the bad-reputation they usually get. Often, all they are guilty of is not being like the rest, and likely even in a good way.

And here is why we might want to reconsider the way we think about those black sheep.

All of us want to be part of something. However, sometimes you can only get this sense of belonging if you make a sacrifice of some kind. In order to be accepted by your loved ones, you might need to limit yourself. You hide who you truly are and don’t permit yourself to do what your heart wants and that you feel are right for you.

If you happen to be the black sheep in your family, you don’t necessarily need them to accept you.

And that can give you immense freedom to choose what you believe is best for your own life, without having to get anyone’s approval. You don’t have to kill the side of yourself that makes you unique, and you can stay true to who you really are. No one should have the power to control you but yourself.

If they think you are weird or your open-mindedness is too much for them to handle, you likely don’t have much in common. And these are some of the reasons why they might want to make you feel guilty about being different. But don’t forget, that doesn’t mean they’re right!

The things that make you special are what they don’t like in you, but these same things might help you fit in with other good people in life, and may even be the reason you find your soulmate – the person who you will be able to start your own family with.

Being able to fight for what you stand for requires inner strength and courage. It’s a big step to cement your true identity and decide to stay true to who you really are.

Never change for anyone, even if they are your family. Forget about what others think of you because as long as you feel you’re doing the right thing and you’re living a happy and meaningful life, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you. It’s your life – not theirs!

Are you the black sheep in your family?

Let us know your thoughts on the topic by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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