Why are aunts the greatest when it comes to raising children?

Parents and grandparents aren’t the only ones who can make a positive impact on children’s development.

Aunts also bring something extraordinarily special to the lives of their nieces and nephews.

An aunt is like an extra mom. And while the children’s parents teach them, and their grandparents pamper them, their aunts take on the task of making them better people just by being loving and awesome.

Because aunts are great at passing down knowledge.

They always offer different viewpoints to help children learn everything from words and numbers to painful life truths.

Because they are fantastic listeners.

They will listen to the children for hours. Whenever they are in need of advice that doesn’t come from their parents, their aunt is always there for them.

Because aunts bring presents.

They buy the kids amazing presents because they love seeing them happy.

Because they teach values.

They teach their nephews and nieces what is right and what is wrong.

Because they are uncertified counselors.

They are always ready to give the best advice they possibly can. They do not judge, they simply relate and understand. That is what makes them children’s favorite psychologists.

Because they are the most just disciplinarians.

They remain calm and relaxed in the presence of misbehaving children and correct them in a gentle and positive manner without letting go of their own nerves.

Because they are the coolest babysitters.

They unconditionally love spending time with the children and caring for them. Furthermore, they are always open to watching them while their parents go off to do other things. Aunts adore laughing and playing with children and the children feel likewise.

And aunts are incredibly happy when their niece or nephew comes into the world because they get to play with them and watch them grow.

These children will receive a lot of hugs.

They will watch these children change and become good people of their own.

Aunts will always be there to support them through the worst until they can handle life on their own.

Aunts are a truly amazing gift for us, and the bond between them and the children is everlasting.

Show your aunt how much you really love her by sharing this article with her, and let us know your thoughts on the topic by joining the conversation in the comments section. 

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