White woman who attacks Black family for trying to use community pool charged with assault

A white woman was captured on camera denying access to a community pool to a Black family. 

Heather J Brown, whose children were being denied access to the community pool by the unidentified white woman, re-posted the shocking video earlier this week. The original TikTok clip was initially taken down due to a reported violation of community guidelines.

Although the exact reason for the conflict remains unclear, the video shows the white woman vigorously trying to keep the family from entering the pool. Moreover, she even grabs Brown’s son in a bid to stop him from going in.

As Unilad notes, the upsetting footage was filmed on July 6.


Here is the original video!! It was deleted for violations of community guidelines!!! #repost

♬ original sound – Heather J Brown

The distressed mother can be heard yelling at the unnamed woman: “Don’t you put your hands on my son!” She then adds: “I will call the police and I will have you arrested for putting your hands on a minor!”

Since its re-post, the TikTok video got nearly 5M views and over 600k likes. 

Brown later posted a follow-up clip, explaining the whole situation to her viewers. She claimed the original video had been taken without her knowledge by another woman at the pool. It was initially taken down from TikTok for “community guidelines violation of minor safety or some bullsh*t like that.” 


Update! #fyp

♬ original sound – Heather J Brown

Following the incident, the white woman was charged with misdemeanor assault on a child under 12. However, she first tried to convince the police the boy’s mother had attacked her.

The cop was starting to believe the unnamed woman, but the person who took the video backed Brown up. She also said there had allegedly been issues in the Homeowner’s Association pool committee with people singling out children “who aren’t white.”

Brown and the woman who attacked her family went to court on July 30. The court date was pushed back to August 20 after the other woman requested a public defender. The mother is now hopeful the person who assaulted her son would be prosecuted and would “learn a lesson.”

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