When Someone Helps You And They’re Suffering Too, It’s Not Help It’s True Friendship

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
– Walter Winchell

Our world is full of people and some of them will be glad to help you even when they’re having a bad time themselves.

On the other hand there are those who won’t care even if they have what you don’t in abundance. Sadly that’s just the way it is and the sooner you come to terms with it the better.

You shouldn’t expect any love from people to who can’t be bothered to help you. They are the people who use you. Rather than being there for you in times of need, they will abandon you time and time again.

The people who stand by you and share even their last piece of food with you, they are the ones who truly love you and are happy to see you succeed.

Those friends may not have much to offer but they support you in any way they can. They even might suffer themselves for sharing or helping you but they do it because they care about your well-being more than anyone else. Those who love you unconditionally will not abandon you in times of need or disappear when they sense you might be in trouble. They will do anything in their power to help you get through whatever life has served you.

Love isn’t about pushing someone to make choices they don’t want to make, it’s giving them the space to make their own choices whether they may be right or wrong while having faith in that person enough to accept any path they choose to take.

Instead of being the ones who criticize, they are the ones who give you a shoulder to cry on no matter the situation at hand.

Of course, tough love is a necessity sometimes but that in itself is much rarer the case than people may realize.

The reality is that those who give a damn about you will never leave you behind. They will stick with you through thick and thin. They will help you navigate through the rough terrain you’ve found yourself stuck in and you will both find a way out with each other’s help. Love is not as conditional and frustrating an experience as many people believe it is. In many cases it can be quite natural.

Holding people in our lives to impossible standards only disappoints us in the end.

Accept the people in your circle as who they are and accept their imperfections. And when they see you like that they will be more than glad to be by your side. You cannot give your full support to those who will abandon you in the end.

Show the ones who have proven themselves loyal that you too are ready to help them when darkness comes upon them. Be kind and respectful to them because they deserve it most. Never take them for granted, because they will be the only ones who can save you when the world has turned against you.

Cherish your friends and loved ones.

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