When Italian Volleyballers Suddenly Realize Their Japanese Opponent Speaks Italian

Yūki Ishikawa is a Japanese men’s league volleyball player from Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture currently representing his country at the Olympics.

Since April this year, he was chosen as the captain of the national volleyball team and plays as an outside hitter. Currently, he also plays for the Italian Volleyball League for the club, Power Volley Milano.

And when the Italian team at the Olympics noticed that Yūki can speak their language, they immediately started covering their mouths with their shirts and hands, as can be seen in the hilarious TikTok video below.


กัปตันจะไม่ได้ยินจริงดิ😂!?? อิตาลีเธอเลิ่กลั่กหรือชั้นคิดไปเอง55555555555 #石川祐希 #ishikawayuki #olympic2020tokyo #yukiishikawa #volleyball #กัปตันยูกิ

♬ Honobono suspicious comedy comical fagott – poco poco music

The video has received more than 3 million views so far, and people on the web didn’t hesitate to joke about the situation. 

One person wrote:

“Maybe the Italian boys need to freshen up on their Japanese to get some edge?”

Another noted:

“Ah, being multilingual has its advantage.”

A third added:

“It’s easy to win against Italian team, just whisper to them “Hawaiian Pizza” everytime, that’ll break their morale.”

Yet another said:

“They are Italians, they need to do something with their hands while speaking.”

What are your thoughts on the Italian team’s reaction? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed it.

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