When a narcissist loses control, prepare for a huge tantrum: 5 signs you’re in danger

It takes a lot of nerves, patience, and strength to let go of a narcissist’s toxic influence.

These are the kinds of people you should avoid like the plague, yet walking away seems impossible. Those who have lived through this hell will understand.

At first, this person is everything you have ever wished for. They are kind, generous, and understanding. They listen to your stories and are there when you need them. But soon, they turn into your biggest nightmare. They use the stories you told them to manipulate you. They take advantage of your naive mind.

In the end, you have nothing but sorrows that you let this person into your heart and allowed them to play with your feelings.

If you want to avoid becoming a victim of a narcissist, first, you must learn how to recognize them.

Take a look at these 5 signs you are dealing with a coldblooded narcissist:

1. They are controlling you through your emotions.

Narcissists are experienced manipulators who know how to use your emotions against you. Whenever they sense your vulnerability, they never miss the chance to take advantage of your fragile soul. They hit you when you’re broken, so they can easily control your blurred perceptions. These people are capable of bringing you down and turning you into a victim of your own mind within seconds.

2. They have an extreme sense of toxic superiority. 

If you have ever dealt with narcissists, then you know that they don’t follow rules. Suchlike toxic people believe that there is no one above them. They refuse to believe that someone could be authorized to tell them what to do. What’s more, they view themselves as better than everyone else. This feeling of superiority strongly affects the way they treat the ones around them.

3. They force you to play by their rules.

Narcissists may not respect rules, but they always force the people around them to follow their lead. If you don’t play as they have commanded, they get frustrated and make sure you pay for defying them. They never take no for an answer. Instead, they keep pushing you until you bend and do what they want.

4. They hold everything they do for you against you.

Whenever a narcissist agrees to do you a favor, be sure they will later use this to manipulate you. These indecent individuals just never do anything out of kindness. If they decide to do something for you, they will never stop bragging about that and making you regret turning to them for help.

5. They enjoy playing the victim.

Narcissists are natural liars. Whenever you confront them about their wrongdoings, they manage to twist the facts in a way that they were the ones who got hurt. They just never take responsibility for their actions. Eventually, they get you apologizing for mistakes they have made.

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