We may not always understand God’s decisions, but without hardships there cannot be rewards

Naturally, we cannot fully understand the ways in which God influences our lives and why he would, at times, decide to teach us valuable lessons the hard way.

Sometimes he will also delay answering our prayers and provide us with the tools we need to succeed, even if we are in a dark place and are desperate for guidance. It may not be clear at first what he is trying to teach us but, if we take a broader look at our lives we can see that all the pain and suffering we went through and all the tests he has given us, made us better, stronger and wiser people in the end. They teach us priceless lessons about how to deal with unfamiliar situations, how to navigate through rough, unexplored terrain, and how to fight harder to achieve our dreams.

It may be hard for us to understand why God lets us meet and fall in love with people who ultimately betray us…

Why he ignites our hearts for those who do not know how to keep them alight – people who think of nothing else but themselves and see us as dispensable commodities. We may not always understand why he makes it so hard for us to forget those who caused us the most pain, but, in time, we learn how to feel alive without them once more. We learn what we deserve in life and how to love ourselves with more intensity so we can protect ourselves from the opportunists who undervalue us and refuse to acknowledge our true worth. And eventually, we learn how to cope on our own because in most cases we will have to fight our most difficult fights alone, and climb the highest heights alone.

It may be hard for us to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, and to understand why life separates us from those we need most.

We may not always understand how the worst possible scenario could end up bringing us unexpected future benefits but we end up learning that good things can come out of even our worst nightmares come true… How the incidents that broke us down also changed the way we see the world and added to the development of our character and how we look at life and people as a whole. We eventually learn that when some things die within us, we become fearless and start pursuing what’s important with more vigor and determination, free from the binding chains of procrastination.

We may not know what God’s ultimate plan for us consists of, and why our life’s journey is layered with pain and heartache, but we need to understand that without going through these experiences we would not be able to transform and become better versions of ourselves.

Only time can show us the whole truth and open our eyes to connect the dots so we can see that God put all those tests in our way so we can ultimately get to a much better place than we originally planned and hoped for.

Keep your head up, go on – the best is yet to come.

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