We Lose Interest In Those Who Take Us For Granted

It is no secret that we stop being drawn to the people who don’t genuinely love us.

The people who see us as just another fish in the big sea. Those that don’t accept the real us. The people who take us for granted and see us as replaceable.

We stop caring about the people who have proven their dishonesty time and time again. Those that almost never keep their promises. The people that like our strengths but cannot accept our weaknesses. Those who ridicule us for our fears and insecurities.

We lose interest in the people who look past our feelings, needs, problems, and opinions.

Those who don’t want to acknowledge that it’s ok to be a flawed human being. The people who always put their wellbeing before ours. The selfish ones.

We lose interest in the people who make us feel unworthy of their attention. The people who are only next to us when they have nothing better to do. The ones who don’t get excited when they see us. The ones who always make us feel like we have to earn each crumble of their attention. Those for whom we are always last on the call list.

We stop caring about the people who disrespect us and don’t treat us with dignity and compassion.

The ones who take advantage of our good nature. The ones who look down upon us. Those who think that we should crawl for their attention.

We stop caring for the people who aren’t afraid of losing us since they never appreciated us in the first place and are incapable of deep and true love.

We lose interest in those that don’t value us the way we deserve.

Because we know what we deserve and we know what we’re capable of.

Because we have learned to practice self-love and we would never let someone undervalue us and make us wonder whether we deserve true love.

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