We are underestimating the vital importance of physical touch

How often do you hug and are being hugged by others?

Unfortunately, for most people, the answer to this question would show how little physical affection they both give and receive.

That is because our societies are going through a crisis of touch.

The people of today have forgotten the vital importance of physical touch and it is becoming an issue we can no longer ignore.

We have changed our core values

The world is changing immensely every new decade. So fast that we are having difficulties in keeping up. One of the main ways that this is happening is through the ways we interact with each other.

A while ago, it used to be normal to pat a person on their back or tap them on the shoulder, to hug, and to be close to others. But now we have simply stopped.

It is becoming more and more unusual to have any sort of physical connection with those around us. Of course, you may hug your friend if you haven’t seen each other in a while or be close with your romantic partner, but that is where it all ends.

We are cautious and afraid 

People have started to look upon physical touch as something negative. We see it as being weird, crossing boundaries, or deviant. In addition, we can even become frightened by people who try to come close to us.

The demonization of physical touch

Nowadays, teachers in schools are afraid to even go near their students. Cases have been reported where pupils have had to put on their own bandages after falling in the playground because their tutors are afraid to get too close to them.

Doctors are scared to touch their patients because they fear being called predators. The same goes for foster parents who avoid touching the children they care for in fears of legal trouble.

Various social areas are being affected and a large number of people are paying the price because of this crisis. People are becoming miserable because of something that can and should easily change.

It seems as we have simply gone mad.

The importance of physical touch

Research upon research shows that physical touch is crucial to our wellbeing. It does wonders for our mental health, reduces stress, and makes us feel loved. In addition, some experts believe it makes us healthier by lowering our blood pressure.

It is also a crucial part of our social interactions. No matter how small, physical touch can bond people together. In a similar manner, it makes us feel accepted and less lonely.

It comes as no surprise that “cuddle cafes” are becoming increasingly popular around the globe. People have begun paying professional cuddlers for touching them in order to feel better. They are spending money on something that should be natural and of no cost other than love.

Our current situation is painful.

People are willingly or unwillingly choosing to accept physical touch as something bordering on fear and evil.

And we are steadily poisoning the next generations with the same beliefs. If we don’t act now to change things, humanity will continue to suffer.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments, and please share this article if you enjoyed the read. 

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