Wavy lips: The latest social media beauty trend that shocked everyone

Wavy lips: Yay or Nay?

Well, whether you like this new craze or not, people all around social media are having tons of fun with it. Pictures of oddly-looking wavy lips are popping all over Instagram and TikTok feeds.

Maybe out of boredom, maybe out of having too much free time, but some ladies, and quite a few gents, are turning the wavy lip into a viral beauty trend. Natural lip curves are apparently getting out of style.

These eccentric lip waves are also known as ‘Octopus lips’ and ‘Russian lips’, as the trend allegedly started in Russia. Some social media users even call them ‘Devil lips’.

Perhaps the ‘duck lips’ trend is finally wearing off, but this new beauty tendency could definitely be a game-changer.

However, many bloggers are mocking the ‘octopus lips’ look, proving it can be achieved with nothing but makeup.

All it takes is a good foundation, a lip liner, and a matching lipstick, and you can have fun with the wavy lip look, without the pain of actual lip injection.

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Devil’s Lips AKA Octopus Lips Okay, mind officially blown. Here’s our take on the latest ‘trend’ coming out of Russia (if the interweb is to be believed). To my mind, this is more akin to body modification than cosmetic dermatology. It just happens to overlap with our industry because it is achieved using dermal fillers. From a body modification perspective, I’m more in support of something like this PROVIDED it is done with safe, dissolvable, hyaluronic acid than I am of something more permanent. The world is full of people who regret that ill-judged tattoo, piercing, scarification or even branding their younger self thought was such a brilliant idea. So if you want to shock, stand out or be alternative, your future self may thank you for doing it in a temporary way. Anyway, who are we to judge? Body modification has been around for millennia. From the earliest cave men, we’ve tattooed, pierced and modified our bodies in different ways as our perspectives on what is beautiful changed over time. Foot binding was a horrible form of body modification which was thankfully outlawed. Because small feet were thought to be beautiful, mothers would effectively fold their children’s tiny feet in two for years. They wouldn’t be able to walk, but they’d have desirable tiny feet. What are some temporarily weird looking lips compared to something like that? So, alternatives of the internet, knock your selves out with Devil’s Lips, but be sure to use temporary fillers. And no, we won’t be offering this at botonics! What do you think of this trend? Madness, a bit of fun, or something inbetween? Follow @botonics_plastic_surgery We’d love to hear from you! www.botonics.co.uk/contact-us/ 📧 [email protected] ☎️ 08456801964 #octopuslips #devilslips #liptrend #russiantrend #lipaugmentation #lipinjections #lipinjection #lipenhancement #poutylips #juvederm #perfectlips #lipfiller #lipfillers #lipfillerslondon #juicylips #lipsofinstragram #socialmedia #kylie #kyliejenner #lips #lipinjections #lipaugmentation #beauty #lipplumper #lipplumpers #fillers #lipsense #pout #lipenhancers #fullips

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The wavy lips perfectly match another bizarre beauty trend that emerged earlier in social media – the wavy eyebrows.

Many netizens argue the whole thing is a delude created with the help of Photoshop. They also claim the overuse of lip fillers by celebs is definitely influencing suchlike trends.

As Good Living Guide notes, according to doctors and estheticians, the overuse of lip injections to achieve this unusual look could cause permanent damage. Therefore, if you are feeling adventurous and you are willing to try it, you should use a method that wouldn’t harm your health in any way.

So, would you try this bizarre look just for fun? Leave a comment to let us know what’s your opinion about the wavy lip trend!

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