The Amazing Benefits of Drinking Warm Water With Lemon First Thing In The Morning….you have to try it!


There are tonnes of health tricks and tips out there, but if there is one that I swear by, its drinking lemon in warm water  first thing in the morning and this is why:

Vitamin C rich lemon water flushes out toxins and is extremely beneficial for the body.

Warm lemon water is the perfect ‘ morning drink’, it gets the digestive system moving and makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. Say goodbye to constipation and diarrhoea, it will be smooth bowel functions all round.

The vitamin C in the Lemon enhance your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within bringing a glow to your face.  A major health benefits of drinking warm lemon water is that it paves way for losing weight faster as it helps expel excess toxins and fatty build ups.

A glass of lemon juice contains less than 25 calories. It is very nutritious being a rich source of nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin C and pectin fiber. It also has medicinal values and antibacterial properties. It also contains traces of iron and vitamin A.

Lemon is also popular for its therapeutic properties, it helps maintain your immune system and thus, protects you from most types of infections. It also purifies the blood which keep heart function healthy.
Lemon is also a fabulous antiseptic and lime-water juice also works wonders for people having heart problems, owing to its high potassium content. Packed with all the goodness, make it a point to begin your day with a glass of warm lemon water. Its cleansing and healing effects will have positive effects on your health in the long run.

(However it is very important to note that when lemon juice comes directly in contact with the teeth, can ruin the enamel on the teeth. Hence, it is advised to consume it diluted and also rinse your mouth thoroughly after drinking lemon juice.)

So, try it for a month as part of your daily routine to drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning and don’t forget to share your experience of its health benefits below…

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