VIRAL: Woman Claims Tinder Date Tried To Sue Her For Breaking ‘Verbal Contract’ By Refusing Sex

A woman on TikTok shared a video in which she talks about the time she was taken to task by Tinder for not sleeping with a man.

Emily, also known as @your.big.sis.emi, shared the clip from her new TikTok show where she says a man tried to sue her for slander and ordered a cease and desist.

In the video, which has since amassed nearly 300 thousand views, Emily explains how she woke up from a nap one day to be given a cease and desist:

“I released a teaser on TikTok of my podcast, which you should go listen to because it’s out today!”
“It was a clip of me telling a story about the guy who tried to sue me because I wouldn’t hook up with him.”
“Less than 12 hours after that was posted I got served with a cease and desist.”
“So I took it down and I went to talk to a lawyer and apparently it’s not slander because nobody can tell who he is.”
“And also, is it slander if it’s true?”

Image: @your.big.sis.emi/TikTok

She went on to explain that the guy named Chad was studying to become a lawyer. Emily and Chad met on Tinder, and it was implied that she was going to his place to sleep with him. However, Emily says she never explicitly said she would have sex with Chad.

Her explanation for why she left his place goes as follows:

“Once he removed his undergarments and I smelled the smell and saw the sight-and I was up wind and I still smelled the smell. Like I was standing up and I still smelled it, okay?”
“There [were] skid marks in his undies and he had not washed in a long time and he needed some new fruit of the looms.”
“So when that was revealed to me, I did abort mission.”
“A few days later he had pad someone to serve me with papers to, like, sue me for ‘breaking a verbal contract.'”
“But it’s okay, I fixed it because he had spent a bunch of the time telling me about how his dad’s a lawyer.”
“So I made an appointment with his dad and just told on him to his dad.”

Apparently, Chad is now employed by his father as a lawyer.


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♬ original sound – emily🙈

Emily concluded by addressing Chad directly, saying that he is ‘musty’ and ‘lame’ and that it’s time for him to move on since this happened years ago anyway.

She also shared another video showing the cease and desist letter that Chad sent.

She said that it reminds her of a template.


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♬ original sound – emily🙈

People’s comments, of course, are also something not to miss out on.

And here are some of them:

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