Viral Video: Restaurant Employee Says Boss Told Her To “Sit Ugly People In The Back”

The web was in for quite a shock after an LA restaurant worker revealed that her employer told her to “sit ugly people at the back.”

If you’ve ever been given a bad sitting spot when entering a restaurant, don’t worry, it probably wasn’t due to your looks, but due to bad luck.

In this particular case, however, a woman named Brooke Schofield (@brookeschofield1 on TikTok) has amassed more than one million views on her latest video, in which she accuses her own boss of something truly unimaginable. Her boss and the establishment she works for, however, remain unnamed.

Image: Brooke Schofield/TikTok

Brooke doesn’t utter a single word in the video but she captioned it “when my boss at my restaurant job told me I had to seat ‘ugly’ people in the back.”

In the background, we can hear Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful, and at the end of the video, the music changes to “What the f*ck,” for good reason.”

One of the commenters wrote”:

“I am not emotionally stable enough to receive this news.” 

Another said:

“No bc this may be a new insecurity unlocked.”

A third commented:

”I’ve been seeing so many TikToks about the toxicity of LA, y’all okay there?”


LA is such an interesting place

♬ The algorithm wouldnt like the original sound name – Cursed Mashups

Thankfully, another restaurant worker helped people calm down by saying: 

“This isn’t a thing so don’t worry guys. Usually we seat people by sections based on rotation or what the server can handle.”

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