Viral Footage Shows Crazed Teacher Removing Mask And Intentionally Exhaling Over Student

A US teacher is facing termination after videos of her intentionally breathing in a student’s face went viral. 

The angry red-wigged woman, from Mead Middle School in Houston, Texas, was removed from the classroom after footage of the September 17 incident was shared on social media.

The video showed the teacher shouting at a student, who was backed up against a wall.

The masked student, asked the teacher, who was not wearing a mask, to “get out of my face,” to which the teacher replied by saying:

“You get out of mine!”

Image: Hood News

After that, she exhaled heavily just inches away from the student’s face.

People on social media criticized the teacher’s actions, saying that her behavior was “inappropriate” and “unprofessional.”

School authorities have now confirmed that the crazed teacher will likely be fired.

“After being notified of the incident, the teacher was removed from the classroom and an investigation was conducted,” Aldine Independent School District spokeswoman told Daily Mail.

“The investigation has concluded and the district will take appropriate administrative action.”

Image: Hood News

Mask rules in Texas have been faced with wide disapproval, with Governor Greg Abbott banning mandates in schools in May, as per Texas Tribune.

According to the ban “no student, teacher, parent, or other staff member or visitor may be required to wear a face covering.”

“The Lone Star State continues to defeat COVID-19 through the use of widely-available vaccines, antibody therapeutic drugs, and safe practices utilised by Texans in our communities,” the governor said in a statement.

“We can continue to mitigate COVID-19 while defending Texans‘ liberty to choose whether or not they mask up.”

For Fox 26’s report on the story, please click below.

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