Viral Footage Shows Cops Arresting Man Even After Admitting They’d Pulled Over The Wrong Car

Viral videos seem to show LA police officers pulling over the wrong car, but still handcuffing the driver. 

Two videos were shared by TikTok user @lastcall702 last month, showing cops standing outside their vehicles, with their sirens on, pointing their weapons at another car off-screen.

One of the policemen can be heard telling the driver to throw his keys out, take off his seatbelt and exit the car. In the end, it becomes clear that they had pulled over the wrong person… And yet they arrested him!

After ordering the man to get out of his car, other cops approach the squad from behind, with one of them saying:

“Hey, wrong car!”

“What? This ain’t it?’ one of the officers replies.

“These motherf*ckers got the wrong car,” the man filming can be heard saying.


Las Vegas Cops pull over wrong car ! #blacklivesmatter #clowncops #mybad

♬ Fuck Tha Police – N.W.A.

And despite their blatant mistake, they proceed to yell at the driver and tell him to slowly walk towards them. They also tell him to ‘settle down’, to which he replies:

“You’ve got guns on me, what the f*ck do you mean, settle down? That’s my house right there.”

Eventually, the man is handcuffed while the cops check his van, even though they already knew they’ve got the wrong vehicle.

In the end, the cops seem to apologize for their mistake.

“Just get me out of these cuffs and let me go about my day, please and thank you,” the man says, before he is set free.


Ooops Wrong Car ! Part 2blacklivesmatter. #mybad #clowncops

♬ Fuck Tha Police – N.W.A.

The clips have amassed thousands of views and comments.

One person wrote:

“How many cops does it take to pull over the wrong car.”

Another said:

“Listen to their words and demeanour after knowing they have the wrong car. All should be fired.”

A third commented:

“Settle down we’re so wrong but don’t you dare ask us any questions or be upset.”

Yet another said:

“Knowing it’s not what they were looking for and they still be escalating situations with innocent people.”

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