Video shows Florida woman fended off alligator while paddleboarding

A now-viral video shows the petrifying moment a woman is followed by an alligator during an otherwise calm day of paddling.

Floridan Vicki Reamy Baker shared her panic-filled attempts to escape from the predator’s grasp before using her paddle to push the beast away from her.


Vicki can be seen becoming increasingly worried as the alligator keeps on chasing her paddleboard aggressively.

“Why are you messing with me? Why are you trying to BITE me? What the heck, man!

Look how close he is to me. He tried to bite me and my paddleboard. I’ve never had a gator come at me like that before. Somebody’s been feeding that gator. Makes them very dangerous.”

Someone off-screen can then be heard saying:

“Ma’am, I would suggest backing up considering you just made him pretty mad.”

According to the Fish and Wildlife Commission, normally, most alligators are afraid of human contact but can lose their fear if people feed them.

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