VIDEO: Woman is tased for not wearing a face mask at a school football game

A woman at a school football game in Ohio on Wednesday evening was tased and detained by an officer for not wearing a protective mask. 

The lady was sitting with her mother when she got into a verbal conflict with a policeman regarding her not wearing a mask in the town of Logan, according to the Marietta Times.

Footage of the scene, which was shared on social media, shows the woman resisting as the cop attempts to put her in handcuffs for about 2 minutes before he uses his taser.

The lady, who is named Alecia Kitts, tells the policeman “get off me”, a number of times, the clip shows.

“You’re not arresting me for nothing, I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” she yells after the cop orders her to put her hands behind her back.

When the cop tases Alecia, she falls down to a lower tear of benches, the video shows.

The officer’s actions shocked onlookers.

“Tasing this lady over not wearing a damn mask,” one person can be heard saying.

As the lady is eventually dragged away, her mother pleads with the officer:

“Come on, it’s just a mask!”

Alecia, who seemed to have an American flag-themed mask in the pocket of her shorts, was cheering for the Marietta City team.

Authorities told the Marietta Times the case is currently being investigated.

Logan athletic director Theresa Schultheiss told the news publication that the woman and her mom were the only two people among 300 others who were not following the mask-wearing rules.

“This rule has been in effect since we were told we could play,” said Schultheiss.

“Everyone that came through ticketing tonight was reminded, we had regular announcements over the PA reminding you that mouths and noses needed to be covered and we had signs at the bathrooms.”

For ABC’s report on the story, please see the video below. 

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