VIDEO: Wisconsin cop allegedly caught planting DRUGS on Black man

A police officer was caught on camera while allegedly trying to plant drugs into a Black man’s car. 

A man known as GlockBoy Savoo on social media posted a video exposing a Wisconsin cop tossing a bag of drugs into his car.

Credits: GlockBoy Savoo/Facebook

As TMZ reports, the police officer has been identified as a member of the Caledonia Police Department. In the footage, the cop can be seen approaching the car and quickly tossing something into the back seat. The person taking the video then asks the deputy about the questionable item, but the cop avoids giving a direct answer.

The man then takes a closer shot at the back seat, revealing that the officer had just thrown a tiny bag of drugs there. According to Savoo, the policeman was trying to plant drugs on him, so he could have the right to search the entire vehicle.

He wrote on social media:

“First time ever seeing a cop try to throw sum on me just to get reason to search the car💯 he ain’t even know I was recording 💯 you can tell he was nervous 💯.”

Credits: GlockBoy Savoo/Facebook

However, the clip lasts only 16 seconds, giving no clarity on the events before and after this particular situation.

In a Facebook post, Caledonia PD notes that the video “depicts only a small portion of the entire encounter.” At present, they are conducting an internal investigation and reviewing the officer’s bodycam footage for more context of the controversial situation.

Christopher Botsch, Chief of Caledonia Police, stated:
“The Caledonia Police Department believes strongly in transparency; therefore, all body worn camera video will be made available within the coming days. Please be patient, as there is a lot of information to review. Please know that we are taking this matter very seriously.”

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