VIDEO: Terrifying moment two women fall from a swing on the edge of 6,000ft cliff and miraculously SURVIVE

Two women miraculously SURVIVED after falling off a 6,000ft cliff. 

Chilling footage shows two women being tossed from a swing along the edge of a 6,000ft(about 2,000m) cliff in Russia. As TMZ reports, the incident took place in Russia’s Sulak Canyon near Dagestan.

The video displays a group of tourists enjoying the stunning view while two women are being pushed while on a large swing installed right on the edge of the cliff. It all seems like a thrilling adventure time for the visitors. However, a terrifying incident follows.

While the man pushes the women on the swing, one of its chains suddenly snaps. The females then get flung from the seat and fall 6,000ft down. Everyone around them screams in horror.

Although the video, which has been viewed thousands of times on social media, stops shortly after the fall, the accident has a happy ending. The two victims miraculously survive after safely landing on a wooden platform just beneath the ledge. They suffered minor injuries and were successfully rescued by the group.

Despite the happy ending of this story, it raises the issue of the lack of necessary safety measures on tourist sites.

Do you think this incident would have been prevented if there were better safety measures at Sulak Canyon? Let us know in the comment section!

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