VIDEO shows spider’s hilarious reaction to its own reflection

Video shows a tiny spider seeing itself in the mirror, and its reaction is beyond adorable. 

You have surely seen a dog or a cat’s funny reaction to their reflection. Well, our four-legged friends are no the only creatures surprised to see themselves in the mirror.

Thanks to one Twitter user, we can all enjoy this spider’s unusual reaction to its own reflection. The video starts with the tiny creature casually minding its own business, as Unilad notes. A person’s hand can be seen holding a small mirror, waiting for the spider to notice.

As soon as the tiny arachnid sees itself in the mirror, it starts waving its legs, as if it’s dancing around to show off in front of the “other” spider. It then moves closer to the mirror to see if its new friend will do the same. And as it does, our little friend continues waving its legs, perhaps in a bid to show dominance.

For just a few days, the curious video has gained over 100k views. 

Commenting on the hilarious clip, one person assumed:

“He was sizing the ‘other’ spider up. The smaller spider will usually back down and avoid a fight after comparing legs, but for the confused little dude he was thinking ‘damn we are exactly the same size might have to actually fight this mofo'”

Another dived deep into the spider’s thoughts throughout the experience, saying:

“Whenever I see something like this it makes me wonder what things we humans experience that are totally beyond our comprehension. We interpret the world about us to the best of our abilities. Doesn’t mean were right.”

What do you think of this little fella’s reaction to its own reflection? Leave a comment to let us know!

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