VIDEO: Ohio Trooper Saves Driver Choking On Bag Of Marijuana

Ohio, US: A driver almost lost his life after ingesting a bag of weed during a police stop, but thankfully, the officer knew exactly what to do.

Stephan R. Elash was stopped in Portage County for speeding and not wearing a seatbelt, but it quickly became obvious that there was something more serious at play.

In order to avoid getting caught for cannabis possession, the man had swallowed the entire baggie and it ended up lodged in his throat.

Thankfully, Trooper Charles Hoskin – the cop who pulled Elash over – knew how to perform the Heimlich manoeuver, a first-aid procedure aimed at unblocking the windpipe.

When he realized that Elash was having trouble breathing, the officer asked him to get out so he can do his best to prevent him from suffocating, as can be seen in the footage.

And after a successful life-saving operation, Hoskin asked Elash the following:

“Do you want to die over a minor misdemeanour?”

Ohio State Highway Patrol warned their Facebook followers against what Elash did should they ever find themselves in a situation like his:

“Don’t try to swallow a bag of drugs prior to getting pulled over in an attempt to keep a trooper from finding them. Luckily, Tpr. Hoskin from our Ravenna Post was alert and able to assist the man who was choking on a bag of illegal marijuana.”

Medics were immediately called to check up on Elash’s condition.

The man was reportedly not arrested but was given a citation for speeding and failure to wear a seatbelt. In addition, he was also given a misdemeanor for illegal possession of cannabis.

Check out the video by clicking below.

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