Video: Ohio man caught on camera shooting at kids who told him to slow down

Ohio man pulled a gun on a group of children after they confronted him for his reckless driving. 

  • A man opened fire at children playing basketball after they called him out for his negligent driving.
  • The incident occurred at Rockaway Street in Akron, Ohio.
  • Police are now searching for the reckless shooter. 

Last Friday, in Akron, Ohio, a driver who has not yet been identified, was caught on camera shooting at kids who were playing basketball on a quiet street. As Perco Lately reveals, the incident was recorded by a neighbor across the street.

Credits: KSDK News/YouTube

Prior to the shooting, the man was speeding down Rockaway Street in a white Pontiac G6, the New York Post reports. The children who were playing basketball at the time called the driver out, telling him he needs to slow down. Instead of slowing down or even ignoring the kids’ request, the man stopped the car. What followed was extremely life-threatening.

Markeise Smith, 15, the teenager who called the reckless driver out, explained to Fox 8:

“He reached in the car for something and that’s when I found out he had a gun. He put it under his arm, trying to hide it from me. He put it under his arm, holding the gun, and then I started walking away, thinking that it’s time for me to hide from the gun until he started shooting.”

Following the shooting, people in the neighborhood are now terrified.

In an interview with local news WKYC, Dolly Young, whose 11-year-old son Alex was among the endangered children, said:

“He pulled out the gun, and turned and shot at him, three fires.”

Unfortunately, the man was able to immediately drive away after firing at the kids, so his identity and his motives remain unclear. Urging the public to help in the search for the shooter, Capt. Dave Laughlin of Akron stated:

“This can be traumatic for anyone, especially a 15- and an 11-year-old trying to play. Any information can help. It’s like a puzzle. Every piece helps bring this person to justice and have them answer for their crime.”

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