Video Of Joe Biden Appearing To Fall Asleep At COP26 Climate Conference Goes Viral

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: President Joe Biden was spotted appearing to fall asleep during the COP26 Climate Conference. 

Another hilarious video of Joe Biden is now circulating the internet.

Sometimes you just can’t keep your eyes open, and even the U.S. president is not immune to these moments.

Credits: Zach Purser Brown / Twitter

During the COP26 climate summit, while listening to an opening speech, Biden was recorded falling asleep twice before being woken up by a staff member. And if that’s not humorous enough, it happens just as the speaker says: “This conference is one of the most important meetings in history.”

As Unilad points out, the video is now a social media sensation. Zach Purser Brown, the journalist who first posted the clip, said:

“We’ve all been there. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a summit and not dozed off.”

Commenting on the post, one social media user joked: “As I tell my children, ‘I’m just resting my eyes.'”

Another wrote: “Who wouldn’t start to doze off during droning speeches? Just thinking about dull speechifying makes me yawn.”

However, others did not find the snoozing incident as funny. One person noted:

“He’s also 78 years old. With the weight of a country on his back, most likely jet-lagged and sleep-deprived. Not sure why you’re retweeting this. Pretty cheap shot.”

Nevertheless, having the President of the United States fall asleep at “the most important” climate conference in history is surely not something that would have gone unnoticed by the public.

Where do you stand? Is the video hilarious or disturbing? Leave a comment to let us know!

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