VIDEO: Hero bartender saves coworker’s life with Heimlich maneuver

Hero bartender saved the life of a choking waiter by performing the Heimlich maneuver. 

As bartender Joseph Reinhart, 33, was making a pitcher of sweet and sour, a 22-year-old server named Ashton began choking on a large piece of a chicken sandwich. The incident took place in August at Daly’s Bar and Grill in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Credits: Viral Hog

While having his meal, Ashton began furiously shaking his head and gesturing to his throat. Joseph immediately put down the pitcher and spun him around to begin the Heimlich maneuver.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the bartender said:

“I never took any classes. You don’t have a whole lot of time to think. I had a high sense of anxiety of not knowing what happened and having to do something you’ve never done.”

It took a few thrusts until Joseph managed to dislodge some pieces of the sandwich from Ashton’s throat. However, there was more food suck afterward.

Credits: Viral Hog

He noted:

“I stopped a few times to see if he got it all out.” 

When the bartender noticed the waiter was struggling to breathe, he continued performing the life-saving move. 

Thankfully, Joseph eventually managed to dislodge the rest of the chicken sandwich from Ashton’s throat. The 22-year-old then collapses on the floor, clearly being emotional over what had just happened.

Luckily, his heroic coworker is there to comfort him in this distressing moment.

Credits: Daily Mail

Footage of the scene was recently posted on YouTube by Viral Hog, who assured that Ashton “is doing just fine and eating chicken sandwiches again.”

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