Video Of Boy With Down’s Syndrome Comforting Classmate With Autism Goes Viral

People said the video showed “what empathy looks like”. The video also struck a chord with parents of children with special needs and many joined the discussion to share their stories.

The video is said to have been filmed by a teacher at a Mexican school.

A video of a small boy comforting his weeping classmate has gone viral on social media.

The touching footage shows how a boy with Down Syndrome tends to his autistic classmate.

In the video, people from around the world refer to as “heartwarming”, a child is seen crying while sitting at a classroom table.

His buddy embraces him to affectionately comfort him, then pats him on the back and gently strokes his hair. In addition, he wipes his friend’s tears off.

“#VIRAL A Down boy with a huge heart, comforting in his own way his teammate, autistic child. Let’s share it,” reads the text accompanying the video.

The video has gathered more than 22 million views since it was first shared.

You can watch it here:

#VIRAL Un chico Down con un enorme corazón, consolando a su manera a su compañero de grupo, niño autista.

Posted by Jalisco oculto on Friday, November 29, 2019

In no time the clip spread to Twitter and Reddit, where people said, “this was what empathy looks like”. The video also resonated with parents of special needs children and many of them joined the conversation to share their own stories.

Here are some of their comments:

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