Utah police accused of covering up information about Gabby Petito’s death

Former Utah Grand County prosecutor accused Utah police of “withholding” information regarding Gabby Petito’s death. 

Around two weeks before Gabby Petito was last seen, police in Moab, Utah, pulled the couple over following signals from witnesses claiming they saw Brian Laundrie hit and chase his girlfriend.

Credits: FOX 13 Tampa Bay / YouTube

As Unilad reveals, footage taken by the bodycam of one of the officers was released by Moab Police Department on September 16. At the time, the search for Pettito was ongoing.

According to former attorney Happy Morgan, the department deliberately covered up the footage.

The initial footage presents Petito as the aggressor in the situation. However, following a complaint by the attorney, a second video released on September 30 shows Gabby acknowledging that Laurie hit her and even left a mark on her face.

Credits: FOX 13 Tampa Bay / YouTube

Last week, during a council meeting, Morgan confronted Moab Police Department’s Acting Police Chief Braydon Palmer with another video. The former attorney said:

“Every news agency in the United States has requested it and they have not been turned over. It became obvious to me watching the news that information had been withheld from the media.”

Credits: FOX 13 Tampa Bay / YouTube

As per The Independent, the following day, Morgan sent a letter to the police, saying:

“The sooner you come clean about Pratt’s body camera for the August 12 Petito/Laundrie matter, the better. If it was withheld, you need to provide it and apologise. If it doesn’t exist then the sooner you own up to that, the better.”

The FBI is currently searching for Laundrie, who is believed to be related to Petito’s death. Meanwhile, Moab Police Department Chief Bret Edge took a leave of absence amid accusations that his officers failed to properly respond to signs of domestic violence.

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