7 totally underrated traits of sarcastic people

Sarcasm is the intelligent people’s way of telling the less bright ones the truth, without directly insulting them.

Some even say it’s our brains’ natural defense against stupidity.

Being the sarcastic one in the room means you are the one who sees other people’s true colors, even though they might be hiding them quite well. Moreover, it gives you the courage to say exactly what’s on your mind. This is a power many people wish to possess, but they’re not confident enough to speak their minds.

On the other hand, some people believe sarcasm is a bad trait. To be honest, these people are just too sensitive to handle the truth. Well, frankly, sometimes a simple “You don’t say” may sound a bit harsh. But as they say, the truth hurts… Right?

According to the co-author of ‘The Sarcasm Handbook‘, Lawrence Dorfman, “The biggest misconception about sarcasm is that it is viewed as being low or base humor.” What’s your opinion about sarcasm?

Below are listed seven awfully underrated benefits of sarcastic people.

Do you find any of those relatable?

1. Sarcasm provokes your brain to work harder.

The cutting sarcastic remarks are far more difficult to come up with than normal non-sarcastic responses. Sarcasm requires an extra effort of forming the spot-on reply. What’s more, being sarcastic means being straightforward to the core. This definitely counts as a brain workout, as it provokes you to figure out ways of telling people the truth, without actually hurting their feelings.

2. Sarcasm shows high levels of intelligence and creativity.

Sarcastic people usually respond to stupidity with quick and sharp comebacks. These speedy reactions require a trained mind. Therefore, sarcasm makes you more intelligent and helps your brain work more expeditiously. Moreover, in 2015, researchers from Harvard Bussines School claimed that sarcasm is “The highest form of intelligence”. Their study showed that this form of expression can not only be a sign of alertness, but also a catalyst for creativity.

3. Sarcasm makes you a better friend.

In friendships, there is always someone who is being brutally honest. But everyone loves them because they’re the only one who actually tells the truth. That’s the sarcastic one in the room. Maybe that’s you. This bluntness is the exact reason why sarcastic people are often considered as less heartfelt. However, everyone needs a friend with a good insight that will open their eyes to the truth, instead of fuel their hollow hopes.

4. Sarcasm is sexy.

As already mentioned, being sarcastic shows high levels of intelligence. And we all know that intelligence is sexy. Therefore, sarcasm is also sexy. Besides, whenever someone’s looking for a partner, being funny is a huge advantage. Everyone wants someone who makes them laugh and knows how to keep the smile on their face. So, if you’re looking forward to finding the love of your life, don’t hesitate to embrace your sarcastic personality. This might attract the one faster than you can imagine.

5. Sarcasm makes you the life of the party.

Being the sarcastic one in the room means you bring that special flavor to any gatherings – your candid, blunt humor. And that’s truly the good stuff in any party, gathering, or a simple family dinner. Sometimes, even if the food tastes like heaven, if there is no one to break the ice and make others laugh, the whole get-together becomes tasteless and tedious.

6. Sarcasm is a surefire way to win arguments.

Having mastered the art of sarcasm can make you win any argument with only one clever forthright line. Besides, the sarcastic one is usually the one who gets the last word, simply because they leave their opponents speechless with their spot-on honesty. Well, this doesn’t mean you’re always going to be right, but your intelligence will always help you skillfully get out of any situation.

7. Sarcasm is becoming the Internet’s primary language.

Meme culture has a lot to do with the fact that lately, people more and more embrace their sarcastic personalities. A great example of this is the cold war between boomers and millennials. The phrase “Ok, boomer” absolutely took over the Internet in 2019, and it’s still quite trendy amongst the netizens.

Overall, almost everyone can relate to being sarcastic at some points in their lives.

Sometimes, a single eye-roll just isn’t enough to express your frustration with stupidity in other people.

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