Ugly footage shows woman being shoved to the ground by police during an anti-lockdown protest

Shocking: A woman was shoved to the ground by police amid an anti-lockdown demonstration in London.

  • Police officers slammed to the ground a middle-aged female activist during an anti-lockdown protest.
  • The ugly scene occurred amid a ‘We Do Nor Consent’ rally at Trafalgar Square, London. 
  • It comes as mayor Sadiq Khan was heavily criticized for calling the demonstrations ‘unacceptable’. 

Footage from Trafalgar Square shows how police officers push the middle-aged woman multiple times until she falls to the ground. As per Daily Mail, the appalling scene occurred during the We Do Not Consent protest on Saturday.

Credits: Michael Dé La Broc/Twitter

In the shocking video, the female demonstrator can be seen standing on a chair. One of the police officers pulls the chair from beneath her feet, while the others are trying to take her down. In the meantime, onlookers can be heard shouting in the woman’s defense. After a short while, another officer steps in and pushes her to the ground.

The incident comes as Mayor Sadiq Khan was slammed for calling the protests ‘unacceptable’. 

The mayor of the UK’s capital branded the anti-lockdown demonstrations ‘unacceptable’, after previously defending the June’s BLM protests. Sadiq Khan recently tweeted:

“This is unacceptable. I urge all protestors to leave now. Large gatherings are banned for a reason – you are putting the safety of our city at risk.”

Although in June, the mayor did ask the demonstrators to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic, he previously expressed his support for the BLM protests during the quarantine.

In an official statement from June 6, Khan said:

“To the thousands of Londoners who protested peacefully today: I stand with you and I share your anger and your pain. George Floyd’s brutal killing must be a catalyst for change worldwide. No country, city, police service or institution can absolve itself of the responsibility to do better. We must stand together and root out racism wherever it is found. Black Lives Matter.”

The following day, London’s mayor asked people to ‘remember that Covid-19 is still a very real threat to our communities.’ He said:

“I urge people to consider ways of making your voice heard that doesn’t put yourself and others at risk of catching coronavirus.”

A whole week later, Khan told locals to stay home and figure out other ways of making their voices heard.

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