UA plane evacuated after teen AirDrops photo of gun

An entire plane was deboarded after a teenager AirDropped an image of a gun to other passengers. 

On Thursday, July 22, a United Airlines flight was evacuated at the San Francisco International Airport. The incident occurred after several passengers claimed they had received a photo of a gun, as per Unilad.

Credits: San Francisco International Airport

As Flight 2167 from San Francisco to Orlando was about to take off, a number of people complained they had received an image of an airsoft gun from another passenger via AirDrop, NBC News reports. Spokesman Doug Yakel informed that the photo was taken at an earlier date and the gun in question was not with the teenager on the flight.

However, the snapshot was enough to scare the passengers enough to voice their concerns, leading to their evacuation. The aircraft crew asked all of them to get off the plane “out of an abundance of caution.” They were then put through security one more time while officials were working on identifying the person who AirDropped the gun photo.

Credits: Apple

Once the mischievous teen was identified, all the passengers were allowed back on board, except for the one responsible for the prank.

Radio host Christopher J. Beale, whose mother was on the flight at the time of the incident, tweeted:

“My mom’s flight out of SFO was held on the tarmac because someone was airdropping inappropriate pictures to several passengers. Why are people like this?” 

Beale added:

“The person made some sort of threat as well and now people are being pulled off the plane. Everyone on board is being re-screened.”

AirDrop is an iOS application that allows you to share and receive photos and documents with other nearby Apple devices.

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