U.S. Military Dogs Given Seats On Flights As Refugees Flee Taliban Terror

Photos circling the web show American military dogs being seated on the planes used to evacuate Afghani refugees. 

Around 640 people fleeing Taliban oppression squeezed themselves onto a U.S. cargo plane made to carry just 150. Interestingly, however, photos shared on social media seem to show plane seats being occupied by military dogs.

One photo that has been shared worldwide shows the back of a dog’s head and pointy ears.

Other images show the dogs waiting to get on planes and military personnel entering the airport with their dogs. 

Even though many people may think of leaving a dog behind as a horrific act, many people online criticized the military arguing that the dogs should not be given seats considering how many desperate Afghani’s risked their lives or died while trying to board the life-saving flights.

Around 10 people have reportedly died while clinging to the cargo planes at Kabul airport, some of whom fell to their deaths in mid-air.

Many countries from around the world have shown willingness to help in the evacuation procedures.

Germany will be sending military planes to Afghanistan, while the United Kingdom announced it will welcome refugees and the United States is sending army personnel to rescue thousands of American and Afghan citizens.

What are your thoughts on the situation in Afghanistan? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve found it informative.

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