Two teenаgе boys were tortured, raped and then buried alive in Sweden

  • Two young boys were walking around at night on Saturday evening in Solna, Sweden.
  • They were forced to enter a cemetery where they were reportedly attacked
  • The suspects then reportedly buried the boys while they were still alive
  • The alarm was sounded by a citizen on Sunday morning

Two teenagers were reportedly abused and raped before they were burned alive in Sweden.

The boys were reportedly attacked by a 21-year-old and an 18-year-old at around 11pm last Saturday in the city of Solna.

The criminals attempted to sell the teens drugs and when they refused, they were dragged into a cemetery, according to authorities.

The boys were then abused and suffered cuts to their legs among other injuries.

Reportedly, they were also raped, as per Swedish media outlet Aftonbladet.

The boys, whose ages have not been disclosed, were made to strip before getting into a pit in the ground where they were buried alive, according to authorities.

The police were notified of the incident by a concerned citizen early Sunday morning.

Authorities arrived at the crime scene and the boys were found alive and naked. The extent of their injuries has not been reported, even though officers noted that they are ‘responsive.’

Shortly after, police arrested the 18-year-old suspect. A little later, they also caught the 21-year-old suspect.

They have been charged with rape, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and aggravated robbery. 

One of the criminals was wearing items of one of the victims at the time he was captured, according to Aftonbladet.

The two suspects have denied all charges.

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