Two men in custody after caught with more than 7kg of radioactive uranium

Indian authorities arrested two men after discovering they were planning to smuggle highly radioactive uranium.

  • Two men were caught trying to illegally sell over 7kg of uranium.
  • The suspects were involved in a scheme and were searching for potential buyers for the radioactive material.
  • Uranium is “highly radioactive and dangerous to human life,” experts say.

The Indian Anti-Terror Squad(ATS) arrested two men carrying more than 7kg(16lb) of radioactive uranium. The arrest occurred after an investigator found out that Jigar Jayesh Pandya, 27, of Thane, India, was looking for a potential buyer for the dangerous material, which is usually used in making nuclear explosives, as UNILAD notes.

To detain the suspect, the ATS set up a trap. As they expected, they eventually found Pandya carrying small pieces of uranium.

While conducting further investigation, including an inquiry, the agents discovered that the material had been supplied by another man involved in the scheme. Pandya also revealed his name – Abu Tahir Afzal Hussain Choudhary, of Mankhurd.

Following their discovery, the officers went after Choudhary and arrested him at Kurla Scrap Association in Mankhurd, Mumbai. As India TV News reports, they seized 7.100 kg of uranium at the spot.

Reportedly, the two men have had tested the radioactive material in a private laboratory to check its quality. Authorities are now questioning Pandya and Choudhary in a bid to trace other people involved in the illegal activity.

After the arrests, the dangerous substance was sent for analysis to Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) at Trombay. Experts confirmed the material was natural uranium, which is “highly radioactive and dangerous to human life.”

On May 5, a local court remanded the two suspects in the custody of the ATS until next Wednesday, after the agents registered a case under provisions of the Atomic Energy Act-1962.

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