Two-Decade-Old Case Of Missing Mother And Her Two Children Revived As Police Find Car Containing Human Remains In Ohio River

Police in Indiana have pulled a car from the bottom of the Ohio River, which is said to have belonged to a mother who disappeared nearly two decades ago. 

Inside the Nissan Pathfinder SUV, police found a human bone that has now been sent for DNA testing in a lab.

According to authorities, the owner of the vehicle was a woman named Stephanie Van Nguyen, who went missing from Delhi, Ohio, along with her two little children in 2002.

Back then, the woman left a note behind saying she was planning to driver her car into the river after splitting up with her husband, but the car was never found.

But according to CNN, with the help of modern sonar scanning technology and dedicated diving teams from Hamilton’s County Police Association and Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources, the Delhi Township Police were able to find the car 50 feet below the river’s surface and more than 300 feet away from the riverbank, about 24 miles from Delhi.

Van Nguyen was 26-years-old at the time she went missing, with her two children Kristina, 4, and John, 3.

Local 12 news station said that if the bone was to be identified as belonging to either the mother or her children it would disprove a local theory that the mother faked her own demise.

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