True Love Means Fighting Through Life As A Team, Not Giving Up On Each Other Any Time Things Get Tough

Love is supposed to enrich our lives and make us experience things we could never even have dreamed of. 

It should be lifting the veil of life, showing us that there is so much more beauty in it than we previously knew of.

Love should be sweet and not sour. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be painful.

Because love needs hard work, dedication, patience, and the willingness to make sacrifices.

Powerful and potentially long-lasting relationships don’t just happen at the snap of a finger.

When two people are in love, they fight for each other and often tolerate things they wouldn’t normally tolerate.

Compromises must be made and changes must be accepted to keep the relationship healthy.

And you cannot just jump ship whenever things don’t go your way.

You should either stick together through all the storms or don’t bother taking on the big journey at all.

Because when you receive the gift of true love, you cannot give up at the first sign of trouble.

You cannot throw all that goodness away because of a silly argument.

When you deeply love and care for someone, you talk things through until you reach a point of common understanding. You fight it out, but you don’t give up. You search for a compromise for as long as you have to.

And no matter how hard it may be, you never give up on your partner without doing everything possible to keep the relationship going.

Not if you truly carry them in your heart.

Because when you’re truly in love, you stick with your other half no matter what. You don’t do your part whenever it feels convenient and you don’t hold them tight when you’re comfortable just to leave them behind when they’re at their lowest. You don’t jump in and out of responsibility whenever it suits you.

When you truly love someone, you don’t let them fight their battles on their own. You stick with them through happy as well as dark times, and you always let them know that you will be by their side no matter what life throws at them. You don’t let them go through the pain on their own.

Because you are a true team and, as such, you will always find a way to win at the game of life!

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