Truck Driver Uses Final Moments Of His Life To Rescue Children After School Bus Crash

After crashing into the back of a school bus with his rental truck, Jonathon Grayer was in critical condition.

However, instead of calling 911 to save himself, the 25-year-old immediately left his truck and spent the final moments of his life rescuing the trapped school children.

Jonathon crashed into the bus in Southeast Georgia while it was letting school kids off.

About 10 kids were still on it when he went inside and started helping them out.

According to Trooper Shane Copeland, the video from the bus CCTV showed the man lifting seats to make way for trapped kids, WRCBTV reported.

Jonathon Grayer. Image: News4jax

After rescuing the trapped school kids, Jonathon was brought to a hospital where he eventually passed away due to his injuries. 

His parents, Veronica and Isaiah described him as a man with a golden heart who “had this laugh about himself.”

His mother added:

“They said that for some reason or another, he just ripped the whole seat out the bus with the child, and I was, like, ‘Wow.’”

Image: WSAV3/People

According to News4jax Veronica said her boy also tried to calm the kids on the bus.

“He told a little child that they were going to get ice cream. And the parents said the little kid asked, ‘Where is the man that took me off the bus? Because we were supposed to get ice cream.‘”

“After it happened, he collapsed and he was just done like God saying, ‘You did what I wanted you to do,‘” his father added.


Georgia State Patrol reported that more than 12 children were on the school bus, and many of them were taken to hospitals with minor injuries.

For News4jax’s report on the story, please see the video below.

Rest In Peace, Hero.

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